Why choose me as your success partner?

Because I’ve walked in your shoes.

I’ve navigated many storms

The world of business presents many different challenges.

Whether it’s facing economic downturns, undergoing heavy restructures or setting up in a new territory.

So it helps that I’ve worked as an international executive myself.

I understand the dynamics and challenges of FMCG, Pharma, Banking, Chemical, retail, Tech, IT and service industries.

I also know what global success looks like, having worked with diverse teams in Asia, Scandinavia, the US, Central and Southern Europe.

This global vision and experience means I appreciate different perspectives, which is essential for setting up in a new region. Understanding the local culture can make all the difference to your business.

“If you consider engaging with an executive coach, I can think of no better coach than Ann.”
Victor Saeijs, Executive VP, EMEA market groups, Lego

I’ve transformed organisations

In 2008, the banking industry was in crisis.

As the Director of Human Resources, I coached internal executive teams and lead an organisational restructure to future-proof the business.

We created a more entrepreneurial culture, helping people to steer their own careers. Leaders learnt to deal with continuous change more effectively, and we implemented new processes to become more agile and innovative.

Not only did we survive the crisis, but we began leading the way for change.

Turn your organisation into a swift sailboat, instead of a big, slow tanker.

I focus on strengths

My experience in mergers and acquisitions has also given me great insight. Start-ups, by their very nature, are fresh and agile. It’s important to capitalise of these unique strengths, rather than destroy them.

Big business can learn a lot from the start-up mindset.

Why choose me?

Many of the executives I coach are already successful in business, but they instinctively feel as though there’s something missing. A final piece of the jigsaw.

It’s common to focus on the wrong things, believing they hold the key to our success. We can’t judge situations objectively, and it can be hard to get honest feedback.

The key is to raise your self-awareness in order to break limiting beliefs.

My style is direct, pragmatic and action-focused

I’m not afraid to ask difficult questions to get to the heart of a problem. Once I understand what motivates you as an individual, we can start working on goal setting to move your career forward.

I bring oxygen and effectiveness to leadership coaching in a structured and measurable way. By actively involving your critical stakeholders on our journey, they become part of your success. After all, leadership is a contact sport.

Wherever in the world your leadership talent is, we can give them the support they need via a network of certified, experienced coaches.

“It is always a great honor to work with Ann! I am deeply impressed by her natural positivism, her quick mind and ability to connect on a deeper level. ”
Liselotte Baeijaert, Partner bij ILFARO

You’re in control

I simply give you the tools and guidance you need to transform your leadership style, inspire others and find global success.

A short background

With over 28 years’ experience in change leadership, I have coached over 100 executives in several countries.

I also hold the following qualifications:

  • Organisational Psychology (highest distinction, University of Ghent)
  • MBA – Master of Business Administration (Solvay, Brussels)
  • Economics degree (University of Antwerp)

Change leadership and coaching certifications:

  • Executive coaching (University of Amsterdam)
  • Master in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Conversational intelligence
  • Hogan leadership assessment
  • Solution focused coaching
  • Stakeholder-centred coaching (Marshall Goldsmith)


    “Warm, empathetic, but razor-sharp and focused on commercial relevance, Ann is that rare coach who manages to personalise the professional.”

    Moshin Siddiqui, Head Organisational Effectiveness ING

    “I enjoyed very much her open, direct and positive inspiring approach. Ann is also always focussing on bringing the outside view in an organization. I could feel Ann has a large experience in working with Senior Executives in several industries and that she is very strong in assessing and developing Senior Leaders. Next to her super professional attitude and skills, she is a very warm and gentle person to work with.”

    Rik Vandenberghe, CEO at BESIX

    Find out if we have the right chemistry for success

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