Invest in your career. It’s the best business decision you’ll make.

Executive coaching will unlock your potential
and take your career to the next level.

Work in partnership to achieve your goals

Whatever your career objectives, we’ll create a comprehensive action plan together; with all the tools you need to succeed.


By focusing on self-awareness and getting real-time feedback from critical stakeholders, you’ll be able to transform your perspective. Only then can you take steps to maximise your potential.


Great leaders respond to change with positivity and energy. Together, we’ll explore ways to address challenges with a flexibility and determination that will soon become second nature to you.


There is no greater investment you can make than developing your personal leadership style. We’ll focus on practical ways to future-proof your career, bringing about measurable success.
“Ann is a very good listener and quick to detect which approaches will work. I remember the first session doing most of the talking, which then almost seamlessly translated into an agenda and ambition for the periods to come.”

Hans De Munck, CFO ING Bank

Coaching that works for you

Over the last years our clients results were significant:

Speed up & effective onboarding


Leading successfully complex change


Growing from operational management role into a senior executive role


Leading with purpose and being authentic


Setting priorities and leading strategically


Developing executive presence & conversational intelligence

Whether you’re looking for intensive coaching to help navigate a challenging situation, or you want to transform your leadership style, the key word is sustainable impact.

Based on our initial intake session we’ll define the best course to action to achieve your goals. The coaching journey varies depending on your specific challenge and growth goals.

Overcome specific challenges

3 months

In-depth intake

Tailored action plan

3-way alignment session

Email support from coach to keep up momentum

One on one coaching sessions every 3 weeks

Take your leadership to the next level

6 months

In-depth intake

Tailored action plan

3-way alignment session

Email support from coach to keep up momentum

Monthly coaching sessions

360 or Hogan Assessment

Survey to measure impact

Transform your leadership

9 months

In-depth 2-hour intake

Tailored action plan

3-way alignment session

Continuous access to coach to keep momentum going

One on one coaching sessions every 3 weeks

Hogan Leadership Assessment

Survey to measure impact

6 Critical Stakeholder interviews

“Ann brought outside-in perspectives from her rich experience coaching senior execs, as well as her strong knowledge of what modern leadership is about.”
Victor Saeijs, Executive VP, EMEA market groups, Lego


I’m already a successful CEO, why do I need coaching?
Being a great leader isn’t just about making it to the top of the ladder. It’s about setting your north star, co-creating an inspiring vision, effectively and positively engaging your critical stakeholders, developing an executive presence, managing performance and driving the business forward. It’s no easy task to do all these things and still stay sane!

I often see leaders working on autopilot who don’t realise they could be achieving greater results. Just as an athlete needs a coach to reach peak performance, an executive coach helps you recognise blind spots and tackle limiting beliefs.

We act like a catalyst, maximising results by aligning your strengths and developing your potential in line with strategic goals and stakeholder needs.

I’m not the problem, it’s my team / organisation / legacy systems. How could coaching help?

Leadership is a contact sport. To ensure sustainable leadership impact, it pays to involve critical stakeholders through regular feedback and open communication.

It takes courage to become more self-aware and recognise your weaknesses, but the payoff is much, much greater. You’ll become a role model. You’ll be able to recognise growth opportunities more readily, enjoy greater buy-in from stakeholders and improved credibility. And that’s just for starters.

Do coaches actually get results, or is this a just feel-good exercise?

Coaching delivers results if you are ready to invest time, focus on your biggest impact opportunity and check in regularly with yourself and your stakeholders. Next to these tangible actions, the leaders who achieve the best results from coaching are humble, courageous and disciplined. In other words, they are willing to invest the time to focus on their growth and implement their learnings.

What if I need help in-between coaching sessions?

When you embark on a coaching journey with me, I walk alongside you. Your goals become my goals, and your success is my success. So, even when I’m not with you, I’m here for you, on the phone or via email.

It’s important to keep in touch in between sessions to keep up momentum, and to ensure that you are continuing to learn and grow. I’ll regularly check how things are going, whether challenges are being resolved or give you a kick up the backside! 

Your growth journey is about partnership, and my clients have found that this technique cultivates greater progress, faster.

Start your growth journey today

Take the first step to becoming a strong and inspirational leader.


Find out whether coaching is right for you, by arranging a confidential call to discuss your needs.


After a chemistry session with me, I’ll interview your critical stakeholders to give you valuable feedback.


We’ll agree on a focused action plan, set goals and hold regular coaching sessions, to keep moving forward.
“Ann is one of the rare people, that leave you energized, enthusiastic and creative, and has the ability to make people feel good about themselves. I witnessed this first hand when talking with the people that surround her: she is not only appreciated as a very competent leader and coach, but also as a great human being.”
Liselotte Baeijaert, Partner bij ILFARO
“Ann asked the right, insightful questions, that created the curiosity to learn and change.”
Victor Saeijs, Executive VP, EMEA market groups, Lego

I look forward to working with you.

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