Build a strong talent pipeline to senior leadership

Develop a cost-effective, measurable , scalable customised leadership coaching program that works across your entire organisation.

Transform your leadership development strategy

Sometimes, businesses experience a lack of transparency with leadership coaching – just how effective is it, and how can you standardise the process for leaders in your organisation?

Starting today, you can implement an impactful and measurable coaching program with clear analytics, to nurture leadership talent and future-proof your business.


Minimise the cost of individual coaches across your organisation.


Align leadership coaching with your organisation’s development strategy.


Develop a strong coaching culture by building a team of internal and/or external coaching professionals.
“Ann distilled the key development areas that are critical for personal growth and supported me with creating focused, tangible actions.”
Victor Saeijs, Executive VP, EMEA market groups, Lego

Customised scalable high impact leadership coaching that drives your strategy

Develop your existing leaders and ensure a stronger executive pipeline using a specialist pool of internal or external leadership coaches.
Create an effective, measurable leadership development strategy to ensure that your business is able to adapt well to future changes in leadership. We will provide you with regular transparent reporting on the coaching impact, satisfaction and budget spend.

Wherever in the world your leadership talent is, we can give them the support they need via a network of certified, experienced coaches.

“Working with Ann to set up, operationalise and refine a global executive coaching plan was one of the most satisfying partnership experiences that I personally have come across.”

Moshin Siddiqui, Head Organisational Effectiveness ING


What happens if we need more coaches, globally or when Ann is unable to coach due to illness or injury?
I am part of a strong network of executive coaches based in Europe. If I am unable to coach due to unforeseen circumstances, I can offer a choice of highly qualified professional coaches to take my place. These coaches work along the same professional standards and deliver in time, transparent and measurable coaching impact. In addition we can help you with building your own preferred coach pool.

Take the first step today

Find out how to create a robust leadership development strategy and make positive change in your organisation.


Let’s talk through your current coaching strategy and find out how I can help.


Together, we’ll plan an effective leadership development strategy.


Keep your coaching program on track with regular feedback and analytics.
“Ann cultivates that loop from self-reflection, immediate actions and feedback, and this is what it takes to keep you motivated on the journey.”

Hans De Munck, CFO ING Bank

“I have found Ann both responsive and challenging – she is never content with letting things just be, rather she is always looking and recommending ways to improve our process, the quality of the coaching experience for our staff, and actively managing potential concerns.”

Moshin Siddiqui, Head Organisational Effectiveness ING

Let’s revolutionise your coaching program

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