Leadership is a topsport

Effective coaching guarantees maximum and sustainable impact

Life is good, but you know it could be better.

You’ve worked hard and taken risks to get where you are today. But you wonder what your next move should be, or how you can make a greater impact.

And if that wasn’t enough, the world we live in is changing, too.

Businesses need to respond quickly and effectively to stay in the game.

You spend your time navigating complex situations while inspiring your team to perform well. And somewhere, in the back of your mind, you know you need to take better care of yourself.

It is possible to have it all. You can drive performance and engage your team, while working on your own career progression.

You can become a great, inspirational leader. All it takes is courage, determination and the right coaching partnership. 

That’s where I can help.

“Ann is a breath of fresh air and a ball of positive energy that transfers to you in every conversation that you have. She is smart, business savvy and has great emotional intelligence.”

Jane Luciano, Lighthouse Consulting Partners LLC

You are in charge of your growth journey

As your trusted partner, I’ll help you define the steps you need to take to create a measurable impact on yourself, your team and your organisation.

With you and your business in mind we’ll tackle your challenges and work hand in hand to ensure you maximise your strengths and lead in an authentic way your organisation to greater success.


Set clear goals using an action-focused plan. Then work towards each step with regular deep-dive coaching sessions.


Keep momentum going with continuous access to 1-2-1 coaching support, valuable resources and inspiration.


Get regular, helpful feedback from key stakeholders, as well as instant progress reports to keep you on the right track.

A leadership coach with real leadership experience

Having spent almost three decades in leadership and executive roles, I’ve had the opportunity to lead global teams across a range of industries, through complex change.

That real life experience – alongside my qualification in Organisational Psychology and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) – has given me a unique understanding of the challenges that today’s leaders face.

It’s no longer enough to understand business or to understand people. Leaders need to switch from a data-driven or financial perspective to a human perspective to see both sides of any situation.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve successfully coached over 100 executives in a range of industries and cultures, all over the world.

I challenge long-held beliefs and question limiting behaviour to bring about lasting, positive change.

Best of all, I’ve enjoyed the twists and turns of every unique leadership journey.

Let me help you unlock your potential

I work 1:1 with senior executives, with groups of leaders and directly with teams to help fulfil their potential. Or, I can help your organisation create a company-wide leadership coaching strategy.


Explore your blind spots and limiting beliefs in confidence, to become a more impactful leader.


Build a powerful team, or develop your leadership style with unparalleled peer-to-peer support.


Feed the talent pipeline with an impactful, measurable company-wide executive coaching leadership program.

Wherever in the world your leadership talent is, we can give them the support they need via a network of certified, experienced coaches.

“Vision, perseverance and charisma. These are a few of Ann’s qualities. [She is] always questioning the status quo and permanently stretching people. If you can handle that cocktail, growth is your reward.”


“I really appreciated the quality of the discussions and the time spent with Ann. The contributions and perspectives that she brought had very positive impacts on my way of approaching a dynamic of change in the company and the team that I lead.”

Guillaume Brouwet, CEO grandvision

Are you ready to make lasting, positive change?

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